GameTracker support

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GameTracker support

Post by WhiteStone on 03/04/15, 02:54 pm

Hello all,

Due to the many requests to add the server to GameTracker Website we finally added it.

But this is only temporarily, because what I've is that when you add it on GT it will lag.
If it lags we will remove it from GT. If not we keep it on GT and then you can look up your stats.

Link to our page (only BS mode):

Best Regards,

--- Ao1 Team ---

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Re: GameTracker support

Post by MasTeRM!nd on 04/04/15, 03:24 pm

Good news. One additional way to promote our server and let the other players know about Ao1 family. Hope it won't lag that much.

NB: To Ao1 Members.
Communicate your GT account to @WhiteStone, via the following link We have a clan page on GT too.


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